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Abstract submissions are invited for papers dealing with any aspect of the liability implications of pandemics for the re/insurance industry. Accepted abstracts will be presented at The 19thJoint Seminar of the The Geneva Association and the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE), hosted by the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL) in Vienna on 23–24 June 2022.

A selection of papers from the seminar will thereafter be invited for publication in The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance—Issues and Practice, the flagship journal of The Geneva Association. Founded in 1976 to publish research that bridges the gap between academics and insurance professionals and improve the scientific knowledge of the insurance industry, the journal focuses on topics of current interest in the field of insurance economics.

Papers might address, inter alia, the following issues:

  • The role of liability insurers in helping societies to face pandemics.
  • The implications for insurers of shifts in liability standards following the COVID‐19 crisis.
  • The liability implications for insurers of shifting work and business practices in light of enhanced knowledge of pandemic risks.
  • The roles of government and re/insurers in dealing with pandemics, including the possibilities of public private partnerships between re/insurers and government.
  • Analysis of the need to adapt traditional liability and re/insurance schemes to deal with pandemics.
  • Liability insurance and risk mitigation for pandemics.
  • The potential functions and merits of liability in tort, insurance systems, and public compensation systems in dealing with pandemic situations and the interplay between these systems.
  • The role of tort law in incentivising private or public measures against pandemics.
  • Liability and compensation systems for lawful and unlawful use of public powers, such as ordering business shutdowns or (not) authorising vaccines.
  • The liability of businesses, private individuals, experts, the media, and other stakeholders for failures or misconduct during the pandemic.

Abstracts should be submitted by 21 January 2022 for review by a scientific board. Acceptance decisions will be announced by 1 March 2022. 

Full papers will be due for submission by 23 May 2022.

Abstract submissions should be sent to ECTIL c/o


The  19th Joint Seminar is sponsored by The Geneva Association and its local organiser is Prof. Ernst Karner (ECTIL).