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The Geneva Association is pleased to announce

a special October 2021 issue of

The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance—Issues and Practice


Climate Finance, Resilience and Insurance

This special issue aims to better understand how financial resources can be allocated to make economies more resilient to climate change, with a special focus on the role of risk quantification, transfer and financing. We encourage submissions in the following areas:

  • Empirically-driven insights about the role of the insurance sector in global financial flows at the asset/firm/portfolio level, particularly in relation to transitioning to a resilient, low-carbon economy.
  • Practitioner-oriented risk measurement and quantification that acts to efficiently direct capital towards a climate-resilient, low-carbon economy.
  • Outcomes of public–private partnerships between governments and the financial markets, including the (re) insurance industry and institutional investors, seeking to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Rates of return observed in capital markets from activities related to climate finance (e.g., public equities / fixed income / alternatives /other green technologies/ green resilient infrastructure).
  • Implications for insurers as investor and risk managers from climate change related to strategy, policy, enterprise risk management, innovation in new products / services, capital allocation and investing.
  • Approaches to risk management and investing in climate-resilient infrastructure and systems. This could include approaches to (i) assessing the changing risk-opportunity landscape; (ii) climate risk allocation among key stakeholders; (iii) the role of insurance sector and governments in reducing and transferring risks; and (iv) technological disruptions and innovation in system-wide risk analytics.
  • Approaches to financing emerging business models in a range of economic sectors (e.g., energy, transport/mobility, construction and building, smart cities) driven by climate change considerations. This could include (i) fundamental drivers of emerging business models; (ii) changing risk-opportunity landscapes and systemic risks; (iii) disruptions and innovations in the insurance industry and how the insurance business model is changing in response.

All contributions will undergo a rigorous peer-review process. The guest editors for this special issue are Dr Charles Donovan (Director of the Center for Climate Finance and Investment, Imperial College Business School) and Dr Maryam Golnaraghi (Director of Climate Change and Emerging Environmental Issues, The Geneva Association).

Papers should be submitted electronically via the website of The Geneva Papers ( by 4 October 2020, at the latest.

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