Insurance for a better world


The Geneva Association is pleased to announce a special April 2022 issue of The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice on Emerging Health Risks and Insurance.

We encourage you to submit contributions related to the following areas:

  • The role of insurance in managing pandemic risks
  • Insurance and the promise of digital health
  • Financing and insuring environmental health risks
  • Insurance, behavioural changes and the rise of non-communicable diseases
  • Personalised medicine and insurance coverage
  • Health insurance and population health management
  • The importance of data in predicting and managing health risks
  • Financial protection and mental health
  • The role of risk securitisation in managing health risks
  • Trends in emerging health risks and the implications for health insurance systems

Suggestions for other topics will be considered by the editors.

Further information

All contributions will go through a peer review process. The editors for this special issue are Christophe Courbage (Geneva School of Business Administration) and Luke Connelly (The University of Queensland; The University of Bologna).

Papers should be submitted electronically by 19 April 2021 at the latest.

For further information on The Geneva Papers, visit the website of The Geneva PapersFor further information on this special issue, please contact Hannah Dean.