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Monday, 28 June 2021

12:30–13:45 CEST / 6:30–7:45 EDT

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The COVID-19 pandemic introduced or accelerated many political, economic, societal and technological trends. As we enter the post-pandemic world, it is important to take stock: which changes will permanently alter the risk landscape and operating environment for insurers?

This special, high-level Risk Conversations webinar will drill into these questions and elaborate the findings of our new report, The Global Risk Landscape After COVID-19: What role for insurance?, the third in The Geneva Association’s series on pandemics and insurance.

The study derives four shifts that are likely to have the most significant lasting effects on insurers and their post-pandemic role, drawing on 25 executive and expert interviews and a customer survey of 8,000 insurance customers across eight countries.

We’re excited to have a deeper conversation with the report author and some of the executives and experts we interviewed, and to share a breakdown of the survey results – providing new, unique insights into insurance customers’ experiences during the pandemic and their future expectations for insurers.