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The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice is the flagship journal of The Geneva Association, focused on topics of current interest in the field of insurance economics.

The Geneva Association, the leading think tank of the insurance industry, founded the journal in 1976 in order to publish research that bridges the gap between academics and insurance professionals and improve the scientific knowledge of the insurance industry.



New technologies are changing lives and businesses at an accelerated speed. For the insurance industry, this raises many questions around societal and cultural change, business models, technology adoption, organisational transformation and ethics. To master this complex environment for the benefit of all, sound scientific understanding is needed.


Against this backdrop, we are pleased to announce a special July 2022 issue of The Geneva Papers on New Technologies and Data in Insurance

We encourage you to submit contributions related to the following areas:

  • New insurance economics driven by new technologies and data
  • New technology- and data-enabled business and service models
  • Regulatory aspects of data and the use of technology and how these affect the insurance industry
  • Ethical and responsible conduct of insurance companies in the digital age
  • Maturity and readiness of the insurance industry for data- and technology-driven business and services along the insurance value chain
  • New technologies, data ecosystems and partnerships for insurers
  • New data-driven competitors and players in the insurance market
  • How technologies and data are reshaping consumer relationships and the customer experience
  • New risk transfer options, such as risks that become insurable due to new technologies, or the insurance of new and emerging risks
  • Organisational and leadership aspects for new technology and data business transformation

Suggestions for other topics will be considered by the editors. To foster an exchange between practitioners and academics, we also encourage practitioners to submit papers that address emerging topics in fields where academic research is needed.


All contributions will go through a peer review process. The guest editors for this special issue are Professor Meryem Duygun (Aviva Chair in Risk and Insurance, Nottingham University Business School) and Dr. Isabelle Flückiger (Director of New Technologies and Data, The Geneva Association).

Papers should be submitted electronically by 15 June 2021 at the latest.

For further information on The Geneva Papers, visit the website of The Geneva PapersFor further information on this special issue, please contact Hannah Dean.