Research on the challenge of global ageing—retirement funding and health care issues—is conducted by the Life and Pensions and Health and Ageing programmes

Retirement funding & pension planning

The Pension Gap Epidemic by Ronald Klein (2016)
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The U.S. Public Pensions Crisis by Krzysztof Ostaszewski (April 2014)
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Business, Society and Governance in Shrinking Societies: Four Levers of Action for Japan and Switzerland by Jonas Huber and Hans Groth (March 2013)
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The Future of Retirement Systems by Theo Bouts (March 2013)
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Ageing of the European Population and Its Effects on Financial Markets by Bruno Pfister (October 2012)
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The Holistic View: Why All Four Pillars Need to Work in Concert by Krzysztof Ostaszewski (September 2012)
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The Geneva Report No. 6: Addressing the Challenge of Global Ageing—Funding Issues and Insurance Solutions, edited by Patrick M. Liedtke and Kai-Uwe Schanz (June 2012)
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The Four Pillars Project: 25 Years On by Orio Giarini (March 2012)
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The Four Pillars: Looking at the Last 25 Years and the Next 25 Years by Krzysztof Ostaszewski (March 2012)
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Long-term care and age-related health issues

Financing Long Term-Care in Europe—Institutions, Markets and Models, edited by Joan Costa-Font and Christophe Courbage (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)
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Financial Support for Informal Care Provision in European Countries: A Short Overview by Monika Riedel (October 2012)
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Screening for Dementia and the Impact on Mortality and Morbidity in Long-Term Care Insurance by Marc A. Cohen et al. (April 2012)
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Special issue of the Geneva Papers on Longevity (Palgrave Macmillan, October 2011)
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The Epidemiological Approach to Disability: The Specific Burden of Dementia by
Karine Pérès (April 2011)
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The Global Aging Preparedness Index: A New Tool for Assessing How Well Prepared Countries are for Global Aging by Richard Jackson (April 2011)
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Insuring long-term care risk by Christophe Courbage (January 2010)
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A "New" General Theory of Population Ageing by Jean-Pierre Michel and Jean-Marie Robine (The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)
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Population Ageing and Health Care Expenditure: New Evidence on the "Red Herring by Peter Zweifel, Stefan Felder and Andreas Werblow (The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)
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Further reading

The Geneva Association has published a number of publications, articles and special contributions on the topic of global ageing. Please do not hesitate to visit our resource centre where you may refine your search.

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