The Liability Regimes Project at The Geneva Association conducts research and analyses under the aegis of the Risk Management programme.

The 11th Annual Liability Regimes Conference Review (February 2016)
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The Social and Insurance Implications of the New China Tort Law by Richard Murray (November 2012)
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Climate Liability Risk: Will it be the Next Chapter in the Global “Blame Game?” by Richard Murray (May 2012)
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The lasting Impact of the World Trade Centre insurance litigation by Richard Murray (September 2011)
in The Geneva Reports No 4: September 11—Ten Years On - Lasting impact on the world of risk and insurance (pp. 71-75)
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The U.S. Supreme Court Speaks on Liability for Climate Change: But What Did it Say and Will it Have Implications Elsewhere? by Richard Murray (June 2011)
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Why Insurers Should Focus on Climate Risk by Lindene Patton (June 2011)
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Insurance Law and Economics & Regulation and Financial Stability, Special Issue of the The Geneva Papers, Vol. 29 (2) (April 2004)
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The Geneva Association has published a number of publications, articles and special contributions on the topic of liability. Please do not hesitate to visit our resource centre where you may refine your search.


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Liability Regimes and Dynamics

Effective risk management requires an understanding of the forces that influence the frequency and severity of risk, and the conditions that shape how risk is processed.

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