The Geneva's Association's Ernst Meyer Prize

The Geneva Association awards the prestigious Ernst Meyer Prize annually for university research work  in the form of a doctoral thesis which makes a significant and original contribution to the study of risk and insurance economics. The Judging Committee for the Ernst-Meyer Prize comprises Dr Christophe Courbage, Prof. Andreas Richter, and Prof. Richard Watt.

2016 Prize - The 2016 Call for Papers is available here.

Applications for the award should include all of the following:

  • an electronic version (pdf) of the thesis
  • an English language abstract of 1,000-1,200 words
  • two recommendations (written in English), each providing a review of the submitted work
  • a curriculum vitae in English.

Further requirements:

  • The thesis should have been accepted by the PhD Committee during the calendar year preceding the submission deadline.  
  • Submissions are possible in one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German.  
  • The prize is 5,000 Swiss Francs.  
  • Prizes are awarded retrospectively thus the deadline for the Ernst Meyer Prize 2016 is 31 January 2017.  

Applications should be addressed to, The Geneva Association, “Ernst Meyer Prize”, General Secretariat, Talstrasse 70, CH-8011 Zurich.

The 2015 Ernst-Meyer prize was awarded to:

  • Tse-Ling Teh for her Columbia University PhD on Governing Uncertainties: Financial Policies for Risk, and
  • Maddalena Ferrana for her Toulouse School of Economics PhD, Three Essays on the Decision Making under Risk and Equity Concerns

For a full list of past winners, please click here.

Geneva Association/IIS Research Partnership—Shin Research Excellence Award

The Geneva Association and the International Insurance Society (IIS) jointly offer the Shin Research Excellence Award, designed to foster original applied research in the insurance area addressing issues of concern to global insurance leaders by examining subjects which directly influence business operations and operational business issues on a practical level.

2017 Award - The Call for Papers for the 2017 Award is available here.

Recognizing that research anchors productive dialogue with data and serves as a catalyst for innovation and development, the 2017 Shin Award will focus on the topic "Narrowing the Protection Gap". The protection gap, i.e. the difference between economic losses and insured losses, is widening both in developed and developing economies. The insurance industry needs to rise to this challenge by providing innovative risk management solutions. Research submissions may center on any of the following areas:

  • Narrowing the protection gap for longevity risks, pension risks or health risks  
  • Narrowing the protection gap for climate risks or extreme events  
  • Narrowing the protection gap for cyber/technology risks

Researchers present the research selected to business executives at the yearly meeting of the International Insurance Society. The research is published and distributed by both the IIS and The Geneva Association in a special edition of The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance—Issues and Practice. Awards in an amount up to US$5,000 are presented to qualifying research.

In 2016, the IIS panel of judges selected the following research to be recognised with the prestigious Shin Research Excellence Award:

  • Dr. Pamela R. Hurley, Associate Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, University of Houston-Downtown for her research on the Re-engineering the Insurance Industry for Innovation in Emerging Markets; and,

  • Dr. Nihar Jangle, Director Climate Change Program, Micro Insurance Academy MIA, New Delhi for his research on Climate Cost Of Cultivation: A New Crop Index Method to Quantify Farmers’ Cost of Climate-Change; Exemplified In Rural India.

For a full list of past winners of the Shin Research Excellence Awards, please click here.

Research Grants 

Each year, The Geneva Association awards one research grant for submissions—usually doctoral theses carried out in the field of risk and insurance economics.

The grant is worth CHF 10,000 and covers a period of 10 months. The grant is intended to support research on a specific theme, whether this is in the form of a thesis leading to a doctoral degree or a research paper on that specific theme.

2017 Research Grant  - The Call for Papers for the 2017 grant is available here. The theme of the 2017 grant is "Digitalisation in Insurance".

Suggested topics for the 2017 research grant are:

  • What are the drivers and trends of digitalisation in insurance?
  • What are the threats and opportunities of digitalisation for insurers
  • What are the potential implications of digitalisation on the insurance industry business models and the value chain?
  • How will digitalisation drive insurance market dynamics?
  • How can digitalisation help insurers in risk mitigation?
  • How can insurance customers benefit from digitalisation?
  • What are the impacts of digital insurance solutions on society and individuals?
  • What will be the impact of digitalisation on insurance regulatory standards (“levelled playing field”)?

The winner of its 2016 Research Grant is Jan Hendrik Wirfs, a PhD candidate at the University of St. Gallen (Institute of Insurance Economics), Switzerland. Mr Wirfs’ research proposal, entitled, "How to organize cyber risk transfer?" investigates potential risk transfer schemes for cyber risk, which will improve its insurability and foster market development.

Please find more information on the 2017 grant here.

Applications should be addressed to, The Geneva Association, “Research Grants”, Talstrasse 70, CH-8001 Zurich.

Applications must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a research proposal and letters of recommendation from two professors of economics.

SCOR–EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award

This prize was created by SCOR, the Institut d’Economie Industrielle (IDEI) and the University of Paris-Dauphine to honour the best paper presented by a young economist at EGRIE’s annual seminar. The amount offered to the laureate of the award is €2,000. This award is organised under the supervision of the chair “Risk Markets and Value Creation” at IDEI and Dauphine University, which is sponsored by SCOR and the Fondation du Risque.

The selection committee is composed of five people representing the following institutions: EGRIE, SCOR, Fondation du Risque, Dauphine University and IDEI.

The 2016 SCOR/EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award went to Maria Efthymiou and Andreas Milidonis for their paper "Does limited attention affect institutional trading?".

SCOR–Geneva Risk and Insurance Review Best Paper Award

SCOR, the Institut d’Economie Industrielle (IDEI), and The University of Paris-Dauphine created the SCOR-GRIR Award to distinguish the best paper of the year published in The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review. The amount offered to the laureate of the award is €1,000. This award is organised under the supervision of the chair “Risk Markets and Value Creation” at IDEI and Dauphine University, which is sponsored by SCOR and the Fondation du Risque.

The selection committee, composed of the editors and associate editors of The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, chooses and rewards the best paper published the previous year. The 2016 SCOR/GRIR Best Paper Award went to Vickie Bajtelsmit and Paul Thistle for their paper “Liability, Insurance and the Incentive to Obtain Information about Risk”, The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 40(2), pp. 171-193, September 2015. 

Address for Submissions—Ernst-Meyer Prize

Please send your application before 31 January 2017 to:

The Geneva Association
“Ernst Meyer Prize”
Talstrasse 70
CH-8001 Zurich

Address for Submissions—Research Grants

Please send your application before 11 December 2016 to:

The Geneva Association
“Research Grants”
Talstrasse 70
CH-8001 Zurich

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