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Founded by The Geneva Association in 1976, The Geneva Papers is a refereed journal published quarterly by Palgrave Macmillan. It aims at improving the scientific knowledge of the insurance industry, and bridging the gap between academics and insurance professionals.

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Current issue: Volume 41, Issue 1 (January 2016)

SPECIAL ISSUE ON LONGEVITY, Guest Editor: Michael Sherris

Editorial, by Michael Sherris

Original Articles

  • Determinants of the Stated Probability of Purchase for Longevity Insurance, by Michael A Guillemette, Terrance K Martin Jr, Benjamin F Cummings and Russell N James III
  • Longevity Risk in Notional Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: A Solution, by Séverine Arnold (-Gaille), María del Carmen Boado-Penas and Humberto Godínez-Olivares
  • Enhanced Annuities: Drivers of and Barriers to Supply and Demand, by Nadine Gatzert and Udo Klotzki
  • Guarantee Structures in Life Annuities: A Comparative Analysis, by Ermanno Pitacco
  • A Proposal for Redesigning Social Security: Long-Term Care Pension, by Shuji Tanaka
  • Towards a Large and Liquid Longevity Market: A Graphical Population Basis Risk Metric, by Wai-Sum Chan, Johnny S-H Li, Kenneth Q Zhou and Rui Zhou

Other Articles

  • How Do Unisex Rating Regulations Affect Gender Differences in Insurance Premiums?, by Vijay Aseervatham, Christoph Lex and Martin Spindler
  • Is Reinsurance a Substitute for or a Complement to Derivative Usage? Evidence from the U.K. Non-Life Insurance Industry, by Yung-Ming Shiu


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