Geneva Review


The Review is a refereed journal published by Palgrave Macmillan in annual volumes of two issues. It targets academics and university scholars in economics, with the purpose of supporting and encouraging research in the economics of risk, uncertainty, insurance and related institutions by providing a forum for the scholarly exchange of findings and opinions.

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 Current issue: Volume 38, Issue 2 (September 2013)

  • Background Risk in the Principal-Agent Model, by James A Ligon and Paul D Thistle
  • An Examination of Adverse Selection in the Public Provision of Insurance, by Randy E Dumm, David L Eckles and Martin Halek
  • The Satellite Insurance Market and Underwriting Cycles, by Piotr Manikowski and Mary A Weiss
  • Attitudes Towards Income Risk in the Presence of Quantity Constraints, by Fred Schroyen


The Insurance Economics programme

The programme highlights the interdependence between economics and insurance, and the importance of risk and insurance economics.

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