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Publication Date: 13th November 2016

"I am pleased to present the review of The Geneva Association’s 13th Annual round table of Chief Risk Officers (ART of CROs) which took place on 14 and 15 April 2016 in Copenhagen. Our ART of CROs conference provides a forum for discussion on challenges and lessons learned from the practical application of a risk framework within an insurer. These discussions are very much practice-based and complementary the more macro themes tackled at the annual CRO Assembly. This year, our dialogue moved beyond the implementation of Solvency II in Europe, to focus on the core elements of risk management. In particular, on the challenge of managing risk and adapting risk frameworks in the current changing macroeconomic, business and regulatory environment. Attendees also debated the far-reaching consequences of emerging technologies, not least the political sensitivities around achieving the right equilibrium between consumer protection and the consumer advantages that can be provided by the wealth of—sometimes highly sensitive—personal data that is being created and available in astonishing volumes. Our 2016 ART of CROs was a great success. It underlined how the risk management function is continuously developing and becoming increasingly important for insurers to understand and manage their evolving risks. The Geneva Association is pleased to provide a regular forum in which the challenges, lessons learned and best practices can be considered and discussed among the CRO community. Finally, on behalf of The Geneva Association’s Members and the assembled CROs, I would like to thank Nordea for their kind sponsorship of this successful meeting."

Anna Maria D'Hulster, Secretary General of The Geneva Association