About us

Founded in 1973, The Geneva Association is the only international association of insurance companies; its members are insurance and reinsurance CEOs. As the think tank for the global insurance industry, The Geneva Association carries out rigorous research in collaboration with its members and their companies, academic institutions and multilateral organisations.


In partnership with key stakeholders, The Geneva Association: 

  • Identifies and investigates key trends and risk areas that are likely to shape or impact the insurance industry and develops corresponding recommendations for the industry and for policymakers. 
  • Provides a platform to its members, policymakers, academics, multilateral and non-governmental organisations to discuss these trends and recommendations. 
  • Highlights the positive contributions of insurance to a better understanding of risks and to building more resilient and prosperous economies and societies – in both developed and emerging countries – and thus a more sustainable world.


In total, the companies of Geneva Association members

Headquartered in 25 countries around the world

Are headquartered in 26 countries around the world

Manage in USD 
17 trillion assets

Manage USD 21 trillion assets

1.8 billion people

Protect 2.6 billion people

Governance and activities

The Geneva Association is a non-profit organisation with offices in Zurich. It is funded by its insurance and reinsurance CEO members (statutory maximum: 90) and governed by a Board of Directors.

With a global reputation for high-quality and forward-looking work, The Geneva Association produces and distributes research under seven work streams:

  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Health & Demography
  • Social & Financial Inclusion
  • Digital Technologies
  • Cyber
  • Evolving Liability
  • Public Policy & Regulation


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