Annual Report 2019

An overview of our research and convening activities in 2019, as well as updates on the Geneva Association team and new initiatives.

COVID-19 has triggered a full paradigm shift across societies, economies and populations as well as in geopolitics. The full consequences are still unknown.

Will the world move towards more multilateral cooperation, recognising that global risks like pandemics and climate change require global responses? Or will COVID-19 accelerate unilateralism as people look to their own governments to take action?

Will governments do more for their citizens, strengthening the welfare state, or will they have to pull back because they are financially constrained?

Will people seek more financial protection? Where will insurers fit in, in their mission to protect people and businesses?

It is critical for insurers, as the world’s risk managers, to grasp the full spectrum of change. With a refreshed research strategy and team, The Geneva Association is equipped to explore the pandemic’s profound geopolitical, social and economic effects as well as to anticipate other global risks on the horizon.