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7 July, 3:00–4:00pm CEST (9:00–10:00am EDT)

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Floods are among the most costly weather-related events globally and an urgent and growing risk for society. Economic losses associated with floods are on the rise due to the effects of climate change, land-use planning and development practices. Floods and other extreme weather-related events are a special threat in light of COVID-19, with government resources for emergency management and socio-economic recovery already stretched.
Join leading international experts on flood risk for a discussion of The Geneva Association’s major series of studies, Building Flood Resilience in a Changing Climate. The studies offer a comprehensive look at flood risk management in the United States, Germany and England, factoring in the changing risk landscape.
Discussions will dissect the state of flood risk management in the focus countries – effective public- and private-sector mechanisms as well as gaps in planning and methodology – and suggest how governments, insurers, businesses and homeowners can contribute to the ‘all-of-society’ approach needed to strengthen societal resilience to floods.
This event is part of our #RiskConversations series – webinars to present recent Geneva Association research on today’s global risks.