Insurance for a better world


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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

14:00–15:15 CET / 8:00–9:15 EDT

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Digital entrepreneurs are changing the world we live in. The scale and pace of digitalisation is fundamentally changing the risk profile of businesses. This presents both challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry.

The Geneva Association’s new report demonstrates that, compared with traditional businesses, new digital firms generate much more of their value from intangibles such as data, software, intellectual property and human capital.

This webinar will present The Geneva Association’s key findings on the role that insurers can play in fostering digital entrepreneurship, whether through raising awareness among digital entrepreneurs of existing insurance solutions or enhancing their own value proposition through product, process and organisational innovation. The panel discussion with representatives from the insurance industry and digital entrepreneurs themselves, will aim to illuminate the initiatives insurers are already making in better supporting entrepreneurship and business innovation and where further progress may be needed.