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Thursday, 16 June 2022

14:00–15:15 CEST


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Join us for a webinar centred around the key findings of The Geneva Association’s latest report Financial Wellbeing: Is it the key to reinventing life insurance? and learn how the insurance industry, as well as providers beyond it, are innovating to support more secure, healthy and productive lives over longer life spans.

Global life expectancy has risen by six years in the past two decades and is projected to rise by another eight years to 81.7 by the end of the century. In Europe and Japan it is expected to reach 88.8 and 93.5, respectively.

Longer lives, however, need to be not just about living longer, but thriving – physically and financially – while doing so. At the heart of this lies financial wellbeing: the concept of ensuring people have sufficient resources to meet their everyday financial obligations and fulfil their long-term financial aspirations.

The Geneva Association’s new research details how socio-economic, demographic and technological shifts are reshaping the future of financial wellbeing and how the meaning of employment, retirement and wellbeing is also changing. In this context life insurers have a great opportunity to adapt to new realities and meet evolving customers’ needs.