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Event Information

The 32nd International Seminar on Regulation and Supervision (PROGRES) took place in Zurich on 26 February 2016.

This year’s seminar was focused on the ongoing developments and debates on the several global regulatory developments, amongst others systemic risk, capital, recovery and resolution. Following developments in the regulatory community, possible links of climate change on financial stability was also discussed.  

Topics included:

•    Recovery & Resolution: whether or not there is a trade-off between financial stability and policy holder protection
•    The effect of a globalizing insurance industry on the need for global supervisory standards
•    Systemic Risk: transmission of potential systemic risk in light of investment behavior of insurance firms
•    Perspectives on Capital: questions about the global Insurance Capital Standard (ICS) currently being developed by the IAIS including a discussion on convergence and consistency with existing local regimes
•    Climate Change: Is there a link to financial stability? The role of the FSB Task Force on climate change and financial stability. Disclosures of climate risk and contributions to climate change mitigation

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