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The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015. COP 21 aimed to achieve a new international agreement on climate change, applicable to all countries, with the objective of keeping global warming below 2°C.

The (re)insurance sector can make an important contribution to supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation. The roundtable explored the potential contribution of the (re)insurance sector to managing the financial risks of extreme events and climate change and investing in the transition to a low-carbon economy as well as the insurance regulatory issues that may arise as a result of climate change.

The roundtable built on The Geneva Association’s and the OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee’s long-standing work programmes on disaster risk financing and long-term investment issues. The roundtable was hosted by the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs and Environment Directorate, in cooperation with The Geneva Association.

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Download the Conference Review: Special Session on Climate Change and the Insurance Sector organised by OECD and The Geneva Association