Insurers are committed to making a bigger impact on mental health, says Geneva Association report

Globally, poor mental health afflicts close to a billion people.1 Incidents of mental illness soared during the pandemic due to social restrictions, isolation and increased financial insecurity. The cost-of-living crisis, effects of climate change and other destabilising factors are set to exacerbate mental health risk and its impact on societies and economies.

Insurers are essential to rolling out the climate tech needed for industries to decarbonise, finds Geneva Association report

ZURICH, 9 April 2024 – As the world races to meet global climate targets, industries worldwide are under increasing pressure to adopt new technologies and processes to expedite their decarbonisation efforts. To cap global warming at 1.5°C, heavy industries like steel, aluminium and aviation, responsible for over 30% of global carbon emissions, need to deploy climate technologies on a wide scale.

Report by The Geneva Association and Wellcome spreads the insurance focus on climate change to impacts on people’s health

ZURICH, 27 February 2024 – A new joint report by The Geneva Association and Wellcome, published today, presents a framework for understanding the impact of climate change on people’s health and recommends how health and life insurers can address climate change and health risks.

Geneva Association Women in Insurance Award presented to Prudential Financial’s Caroline Feeney and Salene Hitchcock-Gear

2023 awards presented in a ceremony at Geneva Association Summit 50, the organisation’s 50th-anniversary event

ZURICH, 29 November 2023 – The Geneva Association is pleased to announce the joint winners of its 2023 Women in Insurance Award: Caroline Feeney, CEO of U.S. Businesses, and Salene Hitchcock-Gear, president of Individual Life Insurance, both with Prudential Financial.

As growing risks such as climate change impact insurance affordability, customers look to insurers to help prevent losses, reveals Geneva Association survey

ZURICH, 21 November 2023 – The world has experienced significant turbulence over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war and global economic slowdown in quick succession have highlighted the fragility of our world order and the hazards inherent in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Protecting society from an unprecedented cyberattack will require more than insurance, says Geneva Association report

Growing geopolitical tensions and the use of digital technologies are amplifying cyber risks, with cyberattacks increasing by 38% in 2022 compared to 2021, globally.[1] Although the dedicated cyber insurance market has grown rapidly over recent years, a huge protection gap persists, especially if an unprecedented, extreme cyber incident – striking multiple, large segments of the global economy – were to occur.

Insurers are Leaders in Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change and the Energy Transition

WASHINGTON – The American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) and The Geneva Association yesterday hosted a virtual policy event, entitled “Changing Climate: Mitigation and Insurers’ Role in the Energy Transition” to emphasize the active role insurers play through investment strategies and product development to support responsible transition pathways.

Geneva Association report lays out key considerations to ensure AI regulation in insurance protects customers without compromising innovation

Industries across a variety of sectors are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) for improved services, efficiency and costs. In insurance, AI is reshaping business processes, from underwriting to claims management and customer engagement. AI also has the potential to enhance the value of insurance to society by enabling protection and mitigation services.  

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