Promoting Peace of Mind: Mental health and insurance | Webinar recording

Close to a billion people around the world live with poor mental health, according to estimates by the World Health Organization. The pandemic precipitated millions of additional cases of depression and anxiety – by far the most common manifestation of poor mental health – with young people and women disproportionately affected. More worryingly, current global challenges – geopolitical, climatic and economic – do little to abate this growing crisis.

Anchoring Climate Change Risk Assessment in Core Business Decisions in Insurance | Webinar recording

Watch a #RiskConversations webinar on our report, Anchoring Climate Change Risk Assessment in Core Business Decisions in Insurance, which provides guidance to re/insurers on how to produce forward-looking climate change risk information to support decision-making. 

Financial Wellbeing: Is it the key to reinventing life insurance? | Webinar recording

This webinar is centred around the key findings of The Geneva Association’s latest report Financial Wellbeing: Is it the key to reinventing life insurance? and learn how the insurance industry, as well as providers beyond it, are innovating to support more secure, healthy and productive lives over longer life spans.

Cyber Terror and Cyber War: Strengthening insurability through clarity and partnerships | Webinar recording

The cyber landscape is evolving rapidly, with digitalisation expanding the range of threats and vulnerabilities. This process is amplified by shifts in working and business practices brought on by COVID-19, some of which are likely to persist. Ransomware and supply chain attacks in particular have become more prolific since the onset of the pandemic and with them wider recognition of the potential for large-scale economic disruption from malicious cyber incidents.

Future Urban Risk Landscapes and the Role of Insurance | Webinar recording

The world’s population is growing, and that growth is essentially centred in cities. Though they bring huge economic and social benefits, cities are also exposed to an exponential rise in risks: climate change threatens to bring more extreme weather events; human density accelerates the speed at which infectious diseases spread; and social inequality can exacerbate the risks of social unrest and crime. How will cities cope with this evolving risk landscape and how can insurers contribute to managing future urban risks?

Digital Entrepreneurship and the Supportive Role of Insurance | Webinar recording

The scale and pace of digitalisation is fundamentally changing the risk profile of businesses, mainly linked to the shift towards intangible assets for value creation among digital firms. Many of these intangible assets remain uninsured, leaving digital entrepreneurs and start-ups vulnerable to emerging risks and liabilities. This presents both challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry.

Future-Proofing Technological Innovations for a Resilient Net-Zero Economy | Recording

The world has big expectations for COP26 in November, and we geared up for this pivotal dialogue in partnership with the OECD. 'Future-Proofing Technological Innovations for a Resilient Net-Zero Economy' explored the new technologies and systems needed to achieve net-zero targets and the role of insurers in de-risking and financing the transition.

For this special, high-level conference we were honoured to welcome the following speakers:

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